Camp History:

The Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana (DYFI) was formed in 1989 to support, educate and encourage children and teens with Type 1 diabetes. The not-for-profit organization helps hundreds of children and teens every year through a summer, residential camping program; family camp weekends; day camps for children ages 5-8 and through teen adventure trips and weekends.Displaying DSC_0381.JPG

In the fall of 2005, DYFI purchased a camp in Noblesville, Indiana. The camp, “Camp until a Cure" is the only camp in Indiana owned, designed and operated specifically for the needs of children and teens with Type 1 diabetes.  The camp is accredited through the American Camp Association.

In 2009, the DYFI approved an evolution of their sole strategic focus on children and teens with diabetes to a broader focus on children with medical, behavioral or other special needs. This change in focus was designed to leverage the Camp Until a Cure asset to provide a greater number of special needs children with the opportunity to enjoy a traditional camping experience.

The organization is run by one full-time employee, two part-time employees and more than 80 medical volunteers from throughout central Indiana. The camp medical director is Dr. Andy Riggs, Director Pediatric Endocrinology, St. Vincent Children's Hospital.

The camp and outreach events are open to any child or teen in Indiana.


What We Do:

Camp Until a Cure provides children and teens with Type 1 Diabetes, who might not otherwise attend a traditional camp, a camping experience where they are encouraged, educated and supported. The ultimate goal of Camp Until a Cure is better physical and emotional long-term health for each camper.



The Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana believes that through Camp Until a Cure:

♦  A child or teen with diabetes should not be denied any opportunity because of their disease.

♦  A child or teen with diabetes should not be held back, but rather challenged to do the things that a child without diabetes can do.

♦  Children and teenagers with diabetes benefit from a support system that helps them manage their condition or disease.

♦  Children and teenagers create a support network where they encourage and motivate each other to manage the complexities of living with diabetes.

♦  Campers develop interpersonal and social skills and are given the opportunity to make new, lifelong friendships.

♦  All of our programs should be open and available to any child in need, regardless of their ability to pay.


Our Goals for Camp and Outcomes


Our Philosophy